With Valentines Day soon arriving, it seems we will all be reaching out to our romantic side once more. Traditionally, the idea has always been that you send a card and chocolates, in secret, to the love of your life. But once you’ve been in a relationship for a few (or perhaps into the tens of…) years, it tends to be a meal out and a bottle of wine.

The fact is that the fuzzy feelings of ‘falling in love’ wear off over time and are replaced (hopefully in most cases) with a more secure and solid relationship; where separate lives become part of each-others. I’ll stop there, at the risk of getting into trouble… and get to the point of this Valentine’s themed post.

Do you need to throw a little romance into your relationship with your garden?

As we get into the rhythm and routine of another year, and finally get comfortable with writing 2018 when filling in forms, we also start to take more notice of the garden. That long-forgotten friend of last summer has just sat there, at the back of the house, waiting patiently and loyally for you to come outside for a stroll or to pay attention to its borders. And now that the thaws are getting less frequent; the richer, softer earth is becoming more inviting, and there is a hint of new life in the air… don’t you think it is time to pay your garden a little Valentine’s love and attention?

What planting, redesigning, tidying up or completely rebuilding plans do you have in store for your garden this Spring? It’s time to starting making a list and sharing it with your long lost love – the garden!







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