Real or artificial – which is the best Christmas Tree?

The age-old question each year, in many households up and down the country, concerns the type of Christmas Tree that they choose. In fact, it is not so much an age-old question (as there was a time when artificial wasn’t an option), but simply a case of modern versus tradition. It is, however, one of those debates that will probably rage on forever and people will be as fixed in their prejudice as they are between Android phones and Apple.

As with most things, where people have always believed one way or the other, they are unlikely to change their views easily. So, if you haven’t got a strong opinion on Christmas Trees, and you’d like an unbiased view (because our only strong opinion involves artificial grass), here are the basic pros and cons:

Artificial Christmas Trees:

  • Easy to store and reusable year-after-year
  • Needleless and less vacuuming required
  • Environmentally friendly: one less tree dies
  • Convenient and trouble free
  • Kind to allergy prone skin and noses

Real Christmas Trees:

  • That fresh, pine aroma and outdoor scent
  • The feeling of a traditional, real Christmas
  • Environmentally friendly: no plastics involved
  • Beautiful natural colours and varieties
  • No storage requirement for the other 11 months of the year


When you add it all up, there is only one factor that matters. What do you and your family prefer? When it comes to the big issues (outside of personal taste) of environmental influence there are arguments for either side, so it all rests on what is important to you. Our advice is to go with whatever will add the most happiness to your precious family time together.


Merry Christmas.






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