Hi Dennis here. I’m not usually in the office. Most of the time I’m out installing artificial grass at homes and businesses all over the West Midlands & Warwickshire. I just popped back because I forget my sandwiches. Again. Silly me.

My wife Liz normally does all the clever stuff on the computer, but she’s on the phone to a customer right now. Say hello Liz. She’s waving. So while I’m here and she’s busy, I thought I’d tell you a bit about what we do here at Greenway UK.

Hang on. This laptop’s a bit fiddly. And I just need to pop my reading glasses on. That’s better. Where was I? Ah yes lawns and artificial grass.

I like a bit of history me. So pay attention at the back. Before the lawn mower was invented only rich people had gardens because they were expensive to maintain. Then came affordable mowers and suburbia. Everyone wanted their own lawn. And they’ve been ruining people\’s weekends ever since.

Grass needs to be mowed and maintained. Constantly. That means hours of effort, gallons of water and nasty pesticides. Not good for pets or the planet.  But it’s a shame to concrete over your garden. How are you going to have a kick around with the kids? And a barbecue just isn’t the same. That\’s why we set up Greenway UK to install lawns you can still enjoy, but without the mowing and mud.

Artificial grass has been around for years. The old stuff wasn’t great, but times change and the manufacturing process has moved on. That’s not to say it’s all good. There are plenty of cheap imports about. The price tag might be tempting, but what about the end result?  It might look realistic. Sort of. From a distance. If you don’t look too hard. And look at all those puddles.

At Greenway UK we only supply Premium Grade Artificial Grass – manufactured here in England to the very highest standards for over 40 years. We’re passionate about quality and the artificial grass we supply is genuinely top grade. It’s realistic, resilient and drains effectively, no matter how bad the weather gets.

Plus its nice to be a patriotic consumer isn’t it? Fly the flag for good old Britain. See we still make stuff in this country. Good stuff too.

Most of our competitors are franchises, but our customers like the personal touch. When you ring up it’s Liz who takes your call and it’s me or one of our small team of fitters who comes out to do your lawn.

It might take us a little longer. Not because of my bad back, but because we do things properly. We’ve been in the building/landscaping trade for over 30 years. Our reputation means everything to us. We never cut corners. And remember, your lawn is custom made to order to ensure a perfect fit. Thats worth waiting for.

Ah Liz is off the phone. What’s that? Tell them about the guarantee. Oh yes the guarantee. If you’re not 100% happy with your new artificial grass lawn then we won’t invoice for installation. Can’t say fairer than that now can you?

Right can’t sit around here all day. There’s work to be done. Egg and cress? Seriously?! Ham tomorrow please dear. See you later Liz. Bye everyone.

Dennis Loveland
Greenway UK Lawns Ltd