You will, no doubt, have seen a few early fireworks displays lighting up the night sky by now. ‘Yes’ it is that time of the year again and ‘no’ your pets won’t like it. The reason these displays start so early in October and go on way past 5th November, I don’t know. Maybe the early ones are practice and the late ones, the parties that the organisers couldn’t arrange in time. Whatever the reason, I reckon Bonfire Night creates a four-week period where you should be taking a little extra care with your pets’ emotional fortitude – and then do the same again between Christmas and New Year.

Here are our top tips for looking after your pets when the fireworks are flaring:

1) Be proactive: especially if you know that your cat or dog is sensitive to the noise, don’t wait until they come running to you (or away) in fear and trembling. Keep them indoors as soon as it gets dark or at the first sound of trouble.

2) Create a distraction: being attentive, playing music or keeping the television on inside will help to reduce the effect of sudden bangs and bright lights outside. You could also try making a cosy area where they can hide beneath the covers.

3) Medical solutions: we are no experts (so talk to your vet first) but you could try using pheromone diffusers to create a more relaxing or safe atmosphere in the house.

4) Treats and attention: the old faithful works with pets just like it does for us humans. Make the experience much easier to bear by being generous with cuddles and the treat bag.



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