Woof – It!

Artificial Grass Cleaner & Sanitiser

As most dog owners will know, dogs tend to do their business when and where they decide.

So you’d better hope that the new artificial lawn you’ve just installed is super pet friendly.  Of course ours is.

  • Cleans!
  • Sanitises!
  • Deodorises

per concentrated artificial grass container
(Which Makes 10 Litres)


Handy Hints for keeping your artificial grass fresh and clean!

Dog Owners

Your artificial grass will require any faeces to be removed from the surface and a periodic rinse with a garden hose on sprinkler setting for cleaning of urine.

Any solid materials should be removed as soon and as regularly as possible. Irrigate the area locally.

Do not hose solid waste away – this just spreads the waste over a large surface area. In dry weather, it is ok to leave solids to harden prior to removing.

During wet weather, remove immediately so the solids do not break down further. Urine will be difficult to locate on the surface by sight.  Assume that your dog(s) is urinating all over and treat the entire surface when using a garden hose, sprinkler or watering can to rinse the lawn or when deodorising and sanitising. We recommend our proprietary artificial grass cleaning, sanitising and deodorising solution (Woof – IT!) specifically for pet owners.

What Our Customers Say…



Jim from Shirley

“Woof – IT keeps my lawn smelling fresh and clean. Having two retired racing greyhounds George and Declan they love being outside in the garden.  It is so easy to use and really makes a difference to your artificial lawn. I would recommend the solution for all dog owners with artificial grass.”



Myra from Birmingham

“My grandchildren love to play in the garden with my small dogs and because I sanitise with Woof – IT! my artificial grass is hygienically clean for my grandchildren to play on.”

 If you would like to purchase Woof – IT! Artificial Grass Cleaner then please call Liz on 0121 783 0723.

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