Happily, 2017 has not rivalled 2016 for the number of popular talents that passed away. It has, of course, delivered its fair share of loss (both from the celebrity world and in personal circles, I’m sure), and each one brings its own level of mourn and fond memory.


Back in July, the sad and unexpected news was for a different type of celebrity. Rarely does the loss of a non-human figure of national love and admiration make the headlines and warrant his own TV showreel and celebrity comment. However, Pudsey did just that and as the nation watched a brave, but tearful, Ashleigh talk about their relationship and the sudden decline, we all felt her pain.


What was it that made Pudsey so special?


Perhaps it was the fact that BGT has brought about such a revival and celebration of variety and hidden talents that fans everywhere just enjoyed seeing a dog act win. Maybe it was the pure skill, ability and connection between dog and owner that captured people’s hearts and thrilled audiences far beyond the TV show. Personally, I think it was the sheer joy that radiated from both Ashleigh and Pudsey’s faces as they performed. This was no mere dog act – this was a beacon of friendship and an expression of fun and hard work creating great entertainment.


This post is our little tribute to a much-loved pet and his wonderful owner, who became household names and won the hearts of a nation. We salute you both, Ashleigh and Pudsey, and we sincerely wish for broken hearts to be continually comforted by the many happy memories you created.


  1. if the BAFTAs are watching, please make sure Pudsey gets a mention in the ‘departed friends’ section next year.

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