You will notice, I’m sure, that there has been a drop in the temperature of late, indicating that Summer is almost at an end. It seems that everyone’s favourite thing to say, around this time of year, is any sentence with the word ‘Autumnal’ in it – perhaps it’s just the lovely way the word rolls off the tongue.


We rarely give gardening advice, here at Greenway, but it occurred to us that our products could rob our customers of some cathartic summer activities. While mowing the lawn can be quite a strenuous, physical activity for some people, for others it is a way to unwind and an excuse to get outside. So, by way of an apology for the luxurious, luscious, and relaxingly time-saving lawn we delivered to you, we thought it might be an idea to provoke some planting activity instead.


What else can you do in the garden? 

The next time you feel up to walking across to the flowerbeds at the edge of your perfect-all-the-year-round lawn you could take a trowel and some bulbs with you and plant. As a general rule, you should dig a small hole about three times as deep as the bulb is tall (always check the specific instructions for each bulb first and consider the type of soil too).


Our favourite bulbs to plant at this time of the year (but only if you feel you need to – we don’t want you to feel any pressure) include daffodils, hyacinths, snowdrops, bluebells, crocuses and tulips. These will flower in the Winter and Spring and are a delightful addition to the garden’s edge. The only other thing to mention is making sure you’ve used decent fertiliser on the soil before planting.


So, if you do feel that you’ve missed out on the relaxing grass-cutting experience because of your beautiful artificial lawn… You can now go and prepare for more colourful times to come.



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